OÖWi Module Wiki


The surface of the wiki is in german. This page explains you how to use it when you speak english. There are two ways. First is to sign up for the wiki, create an account. This will allow you to hide most of the ads and change the surface of the wiki into english or another language. The other way is particiapate as a guest. So you have to learn wich function is where. Editing as a guest will allow you only to add text. Signing up is much easier.

Another easy way to contribute is to use the comments section.

Signing up and Change Language[]

  • Go to the upper left corner of the page and click „Benutzerkonto anlegen“, this means „Sign Up“
  • Add your Username („Benutzername“), E-Mail, Password („Dein Passwort“), Date of Birth („Geburtsdatum“ – Jahr=Year, Monat=Month, Tag=Day), enter the Capcha („Spam-Schutz“) and hit the big blue button „Benutzerkonto anlegen“
  • They will send you an email to confirm your address. The subject of the E-Mail from Wikia will probably be „Beinahe fertig! Bestätige dein Wikia Konto“ – click the link in the email
  • Fill in your chosen username and passwordYou land on your new profile page. Go to the upper left corner of the wegpage.  Putt he cursor on your username. A popup menue will appear. Click on „Einstellungen“ this means „Settings“
  • Go down on the Settings Page to the headline „Darstellung“, the first option her eis called „Sprache“ this means „language“ – change to en for english or something else
  • Scroll down and click the blue button on the left „Einstellungen speichern“ this means „Safe Changes“
  • You are done

Editing as a guest[]

Editing Text[]

  • If you want to add some text on a page or edit it click on the blue button next to the title of the page „Bearbeiten“ (this means „Edit“)
  • The editor will load, you can add something. If you are done click the blue button up in the left „Seite speichern“ this means „Safe Changes“
  • Work yourself through the capchas

Add a new page[]

  • To add a new page click in the upper left part of the page on „Mitmachen“ (this means „Contribute“)
  • The 4th position in the popup menue „Seite hinzufügen“ will bring you to the „Add a page“ dialog